Bowls, Bottled Water and Stuffed Dragons

Why are negative emotions such a bad thing? Why as a society must we insist everything will get better or get so frustrated with someone else’s negative emotions that we get angry and either change the subject and walk away? Case and point tomorrow I find out whether or not I get to learn to walk again or if I have to stay non weight bearing for another few weeks. No matter what the outcome; I am petrified. Granted, I have already been down what I considering 6 weeks of grueling road and the thought of getting completely well or staying as I am scares me.

My family and some friends that I have spoken to won’t let me be scared, they cut me off and explain how okay everything is going to be or they start yelling that I am throwing myself a pity party. Why can’t I express my sadness without hearing cliché after cliché? I want to scared; I want to be sad until the feeling subsides naturally – after I know everything is going to be okay. I am not preaching doom and gloom, I just want to be sad when I am sad.

When did we as a society ban negative emotions? When did they become bad and scary instead of being simply what they are? My parents keep insisting that I have needed meds throughout this whole process. Yes, chemically induce happiness into a situation that I have every right not to be happy about so that no one has to deal with anything negative. Society you are brilliant.  That being said, I will find some chemically induced happiness or at least a chemically induced haze until tomorrow is over.

I knew I could count on you, percicept.

Now bed with my stuffed dragon to keep me company.

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