This post will be too much information so if you don’t want to know me like that don’t read on…

I finally got the courage to shave my leg. Most of  my life, I wanted to be one of those feminists who thought leg shaving was degrading. I was doing great at it until someone circa tenth grade made fun of me for it. Then I decided that I was not strong enough to be a feminist. The fat kid should  not further alienate herself. That line is personal experience, if you can take the criticism better than I can, go on with your bad selves. True life story.

Point is, I never thought I would be so happy to do something that I once thought too time consuming and degrading.   It was a strange experience to feel again, the coldness of the shaving cream, the razor going up my leg. How my once sexy leg now feels  like chicken neck, at least it is hair free now.


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