“Why are you scrapping cheese off the inside of the container?”

“Cheese. So. Tasty.”

I found, on that even the bedridden can lose weight. I am following these guidelines to attempt to stave off the inevitable.

This did not stop me from having my first Sonic experience. Not as entertaining as the commercials but so tasty in a way only food that is bad for you can be. I wanted their giant hot dog with the chili and cheese and tater tots. Sweet, delicious tater tots. You have to be pretty special to serve them all of the time. And as a substitute for french fries? Genius. But in my current state, I couldn’t justify eating more that 1,500 calories in a day, let alone a meal. Enter a smiling car hop and a delicious philly cheese steak. At 540 calories, I was happy. No tots though. Sigh.

I will beat my fears with Lance Armstrong as my guide.


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