Lady Governer

One of my friends keeps calling me lady Terminator because of the hardware in my ankle and I a not sure whether or not to think it endearing or not. Though it does make me feel badass.

I keep getting this horrid cramping in my half unless my leg is completely still. I try to research it and the internet has no answers, except to double check to make sure it isn’t a blot clot. It isn’t a blood clot and I would like it to go away now. The pain is keeping me awake.  And I thought it was all down hill from here. 

Google. Failed. Me.

Why does my body hate me?

Edit: I found this some time later: (Credit goes to:

Injury: Persistent muscle spasm may occur as a protective mechanism following an injury, such as a broken bone. In this instance, the spasm tends to minimize movement and stabilize the area of injury. Injury of the muscle alone may cause the muscle to spasm.

So Dear Body: I want to inform you that it is the casts job to immobalize the joint. Not yours. I repeat NOT YOURS!!! Stop this insanity now and I will forgive you. How dare you put me in more pain. I demand you stop this at once. Isn’t it bad enough that we can’t frolic with our beloved bicycle? Now you don’t want me to stand either. You want me to get fat, eh? Bastard. I know you do. Second, when you spasm like that I can feel the plate in there. So please stop….please please please please please…..I want to sleep and you won’t let me.

I was watching Empire Records. Tomorrow will be like Rex Manning day for me.


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