Wednesday and yesterday were both huge days for me. Huge!

I learned that having nightmares about bed pans  is a totally normal stage in the healing process and that I can transport things like my cellphone in between by boobs.

Real mature.

Wednesday, I left the house for the first time since the incident for a non doctors appointment. It was a dizzying, tiring experience that left my ankle throbbing and more swollen than I thought possible. I put it up with ice packs and it helped minimally. Who knew the human body could produce so much fluid? Don’t answer that, I feel a dirty joke coming on. It was great just to leave the house, really boosted my spirits.

I am still getting fat.

Thursday, yesterday, my stitches came out, all 12 of them. They pinch and pull and you can feel the fibers running through your body. I got queasy but I had a mint to keep me from fainting. I did not video the experience like I wanted.  My ankle is still so swollen I can’t tell there are plates. I haven’t felt them at all which, I would imagine is for the best.

Still a little bitter.


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