Everything Happens for a…

I keep getting the ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’ speech. I hate that speech because there is no immediate or apparent weekend why I should have broken  my ankle and will thus spend the entire summer laid up and lonely.

I lied, I am not lonely, my friends have been wonderful. They visit, they care, I love them. They listen to me complain about getting fat without making faces. I am getting fat, my underwear fit differently. This can’t happen. I only want to eat fruit and protein bars for the remainder of my bed stay. That may help.

When did I become so self absorbed? Oh yes, when I had nothing to do but flail in bed and think. I have been watching a lot of movies and getting up is getting easier. Going to the potty is no longer a twenty minute misadventure and I am not winded by the time I reach the toilet. Progress. I never learned how to be patient. It isn’t a virtue I possess.   

As for the actual ankle details, I took my boot off today just to have a look. I have a fat baby foot replacing my own. A purple fat baby foot with road rash. I peeled away the gauze to look at my stitches, I almost fainted. I sent a picture of it to my best friend who in turn though it was cool. I feel like fainting whenever I think about it. The stitches are pinching but I haven’t taken anything stronger than an aspirin in about two days. I thought it would hurt much worse, maybe I am stronger than I think.


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